Writing Strategies for Blog Posts

The more you blog, the quicker you’ll grow at writing effective, punchy blog posts.

Eliminate distractions

Disconnect from the internet and don’t go near Facebook.  Turn off the ringer on your phone.  Shut your home office door, if you can.  Put up a “Do Not Disturb ” sign.  Use “Full Width” setting in your computer writing software or WordPress so you aren’t distracted by what tags or category you need and H1 or H2 to make the words pretty.

Tell the kids it is “Writing Time.”

Bribe the kids with one hour of computer time games before school.  Prepare lunches the night before.  Put an alarm clock on for 30 minutes writing time.  Get up at 5 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. each morning for time to write in your pajamas. Write about your pajama time!  You don’t need to watch “Real Housewives” with the kids.

Go in the back room and shut the door! Set up a table in the bedroom with your computer or even just paper and pen.  Keep everyone away from this table and keep every pen and where you finished writing off on the computer  ready for you to sit down and just write!

Pick the same time every day

Try to pick your ideal time of day to write – for example, at 9:30 a.m. , when you’ve got that freshly-made cup of coffee sitting on your desk, the kids are safely in school and the dog is fast asleep after his morning walk.

Or as mentioned before, get up while everyone is sleeping, brush your teeth and sit down at the kitchen table and write for an hour with a cup of coffee. Your family will be amazed at how much writing you are getting done even if you aren’t happy with it. It is the habit of writing and of thinking about writing which will get your brain awake and doing the good writing.

Make that time slot sacred.  You’ll be amazed at how easy it becomes to start writing creatively, when it’s a daily habit.  You can become conditioned to be ready to write by making sure you pick the same time or the same day of the week. If your brain knows it is 5 a.m. so wake up your writing muse, it will become easier to write, write and write.

More writing strategies tomorrow as I do my own Writing Strategies Blog Challenge with 30 days with 30 posts..see I am making it a habit. 🙂

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