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pen in hand writing in a book day zero

Day Zero – Do a Journal Post per day challenge

By jane gardner | May 21, 2024

In a way to increase my writing, I am going to challenge myself to write each day about my internet activities. Yesterday, it was Victoria Day, so I had a day off from work.  I have some pressure to get clicks on my email and social media posts. When I signed up for Proven Email […]

books and pen and writing getting ready to write

Preparing To Write

By jane gardner | December 27, 2023

Preparing to Write Some writers prefer to just sit down and get the task of writing done. This may be easy for some people but not everyone seems to have that constant stream of thoughts, waiting to be put onto paper. If you often find yourself stuck with what to write there are a few […]

5 Tips on How to Learn How to Write

By jane gardner | September 9, 2021

Can Anyone Learn to Write? This is a question that gets asked frequently, so is it really possible for anyone to learn how to write? Most people assume that you must have a certain knack to be a writer. While it is true that certain people do posses a flair for writing, it is something […]

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Adding Your Personality to your Writing

By jane gardner | September 5, 2020

Adding Personality to Your Writing, Yes Please! It is quite easy to write a short article on almost any subject these days, but have you thought about adding some of your own experiences into your articles? When you inject personality into your writing it can take on a whole new life. Today is a Friday […]

Writing Strategies for Blog Posts

By jane gardner | September 4, 2020

The more you blog, the quicker you’ll grow at writing effective, punchy blog posts. Eliminate distractions Disconnect from the internet and don’t go near Facebook.  Turn off the ringer on your phone.  Shut your home office door, if you can.  Put up a “Do Not Disturb ” sign.  Use “Full Width” setting in your computer […]

To Write

By jane gardner | May 4, 2020

Scriven is defined from Old French  “scrive” which is “to write.”  The action of writing ; the beauty of writing and the love of reading will be explored on this website.  Why?  As I like to say, “Why not!”.   A person should explore all things in their life they encounter because they are experiences […]

Change in Focus

By jane gardner | May 4, 2020

I think I need to define what this blog is about before I can start writing. I know that you don’t want to read about my challenges while starting a business. I expect you would like to know about the challenge and then how to solve it! Anyway, I will be getting on to talking […]

Music for the Soul

By jane gardner | May 4, 2020

As a writer, if you don’t know about, you are missing out on an opportunity for you and also some great stories about life and love and mind. I get the daily digest from Medium. There is always some thoughtful story on it everday to read. This is a wonderful story below about how […]