pen in hand writing in a book day zero

Day Zero – Do a Journal Post per day challenge

In a way to increase my writing, I am going to challenge myself to write each day about my internet activities.

Yesterday, it was Victoria Day, so I had a day off from work.  I have some pressure to get clicks on my email and social media posts. When I signed up for Proven Email Formula, I don’t remember any mention of doing a giveaway but it was the first thing we did.

So I had my book “7 Steps to produce your first show” as a freebie but it is very niche-related. It is for people who know they need to get more visible on the internet.

So I created an email where I screwed up the shortlink by adding a period in the hyperlink so it gave a 404 error. Also, I have two affiliate links for the giveaway so that’s going to confuse.  When I sent a sample email given for the giveaway – swipe mail- I made a mistake and I copy/pasted the Hi [first name] into my email that is what showed once I sent the email.

So, I learned

  1. Never to copy/paste code as it just shows as text.
  2. Keep the hyperlinked short link separate from surrounding text so you don’t capture a period.

Another issue with my website was my SimpleClick Tracker wouldn’t add any new shortlinks into it ‘s system. It’s probably a conflict with one of the other plugins or the ?  I turned off the latest plugins that were added but it didn’t stop the issue.  So, I added Pretty Links in which was quick and easy. Even though it is been years since the last time Pretty Links was added there were old shortlinks in it with the stats on the number of clicks history.

The website is so large with 700 posts, mostly video, that I have to pay for a larger server. Nothing I can do about it as each Facebook broadcast gets put on the website. Then if I was to delete the Facebook plugin, I would have 500 empty posts!  So, I need to finish editing the HOME page so it links to other websites based on topic.

T0 do this week:

  1. Finish the look of the HOME page for the website.
  2. Do a social media post every day.