To Write

Scriven is defined from Old French  “scrive” which is “to write.”  The action of writing ; the beauty of writing and the love of reading will be explored on this website.  Why?  As I like to say, “Why not!”.   A person should explore all things in their life they encounter because they are experiences that you can learn from.  This website has been here empty and unloved for a couple of years. So, now is the time to start the creative juices running and explore different topics.  Shall it be:

1. My daily journal

2. My writings in progress

3. My podcasts on writing process

4. Quotes i find for the day and why they inspire me?

5. Chapters from a book that I am writing?

6. Review of books I love and why?

It can be this and so much more if I find the right theme.

Regards, jane

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