Music for the Soul

As a writer, if you don’t know about, you are missing out on an opportunity for you and also some great stories about life and love and mind. I get the daily digest from Medium. There is always some thoughtful story on it everday to read.

This is a wonderful story below about how a family has gotten the music “Fireworks” to inspire them every day with their daughter’s challenges.

Have you thought about writing on Medium? It is free and you might find some great thoughts and free writing coming out of you….

For me, this affirms what I always felt about music. Music is our soul . Without music, humanity would be lost just as if all books were banned like in Farenheit 451. My husband and I have a collection of 2000 CDS and 500 LPs and we listen to them all the time. I like to play piano just for my own pleasure as it inspires and soothes me.

What about you? Does music move you? Does it inspire? Does it soothe? Does it make you happy? Or do you put on sad music or heartbreak songs to make you know you aren’t the only one having heartbreak?

We would be lost without music.


Thank You, Katy Perry

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