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What to Do in 2020

As the year comes to the end, it is a time for reflection on what I have achieved and not but why is it always an emphasis on what you haven’t done. 🙂 So, understand you are human and life has many distractions and challenges and celebrate what you have done! Then make a plan of how to implement and achieve what you want for the new year.

So, in that vein,

I am celebrating that I started a non-fiction book outline this year but realized that creating a program offer should take high priority and the book will be a lead generator back to my offer. I have a publishing workshop coming up in January I am attending and I can ask questions and implement for the book creation during that time. So, I have achieved the realization that any book I write will be a Expert book that displays my expert status and it will lend credibility to the program that I am creating rather than the end to itself.

I came across some fiction writing I had done and I was extremely pleased by the writing such that it excited me to get started back to write on it again. For me, fiction writing is great but it isn’t a business model I want to pursue but 10 minutes a day would be better just for me and my brain 🙂

So what are you doing in 2020?

What goal do you have with your writing?

Fiction or non-fiction?

Blog or content creation?

Bestseller or e-book to attract prospects?

It is good to have goals to strive for but recognize that life can change and forgive yourself if you don’t get your goals done.

So, how are you going to get your writing done that you want to do?

I would suggest you try the Seinfeld Strategy and don’t overestimate the time you have each day for your writing. If you make a goal of one hour to write, it will be tough to fit it into your schedule every day. You will be hard on yourself when you don’t make that goal so make it an easier goal. The Seinfeld Strategy is explained well in this article so I won’t go over it here but basically do it every day. Make it a habit. Even 5 sentences a day for 365 days will get you 1825 sentences a year. Then you can proofread. Enjoy this entertaining article on the “Seinfeld Strategy.”

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