Want to write for a living?

Some people want to become freelance writers because they’re looking to escape a job they hate or they need to start a side hustle to bring in extra income. The problem is they dislike writing and find it a bit boring. It takes them hours to write even a few paragraphs.

When it comes to offering services, it’s best to capitalize on a skill you’ve already developed. If you decide you want to be a freelance writer but you’ve never written anything, then you’ll be learning writing basics at the same time you’re starting a business. That’s a lot to learn at once and may overwhelm you.

Are You Able to Listen and Accept Feedback?

Being a freelance writer often means you’ll bring someone else’s vision to life. This person could be an editor at a magazine or a business client that you write blog content for. There’s nothing better than hearing a client or editor rave about your words.

But not everything you write is going to be golden. You may create a project and have a client tell you that you missed the mark. An editor may ask you to revise your article and change the tone of your content.

Writers, like all service providers, have to be capable of listening to feedback and implementing it. If you can accept constructive criticism gracefully and learn from it, you’ll be more likely to succeed as a writer.

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