Today was a somewhat productive day!


I should get WPEdit on this page so I can do blockquotes and change the text formatting.  Maybe later.

Today was a day to work on my Business.  I had plenty of laundry, dust bunnies and garden weeds that should be plucked and done, however, I decided Sunday is not a day of rest for me.

I did get to look at another website that is monetized (to make money from) today and I was quite pleased at the WordPress theme.  It reduced into a 2″ wide Iphone screen width which if it is left alone as Desktop configuration would be teeny tiny.

However, the designer has made it mobile responsive and it takes each post and widget and you scroll through each one download and the font fits into that 2 inch space in readable font.  So, the sidebar where the optin box and all the Credentials of who I am and list of posts are way down at bottom of the scroll.

I should, at least, move the optin “please subscribe” box to the top of the page!

What i did like which is probably a function of the Phone or it might be a theme, is the Font size can be made larger for those who have reading problems just by pressing on the larger Font A.  How great to recognize that everyone wants to read even if their eyes are dim.

I should take some Hypersnaps, I call them, desktop photos of how the phone works with my website just to show that anyone who has a website should make sure it responds and changes with a mobile phone.

I was amazed to see when I did a Facebook campaign for a promoted post that 94% of the people who click and opened the post were on Mobile.

That is my major takeaway for the week of December 3rd, 2014

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