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The “C” Word

Why is it that that when you mention to anyone the “C” word that they know what the “C” word means? Why is it that the “C” word brings up the image of death? Suddenly you are realizing how short life could be and your future plans may have to change!

Life had many possibilities and it was limitless even though you knew no one lives forever. The threat of Cancer makes you slam on your brakes and ask what is going to happen next?

I had an amazing opportunity for a business that I would enjoy. I had all the steps laid out and how long it would take and I could see the vision of the work. Now, I have to fit in investigative surgery and recovery and unfortunately more surgery to remove the offending organ to fit INTO my plans! You just accept you have to go through the surgery, the pain and the recovery to get out (hopefully) from under the “C” word. You bite your tongue, whimper and count the days till you will feel better because as far as you were concerned you’re getting out from under the “C” cloud. So, you count the days, you do the work that you can to move yourself forward in your business and try to remove the negative thoughts which don’t help the recovery. The vision of the business keeps you getting up each morning because it is something you had the vision for before the “C” word and it is the Vision for the rest of your life.

I had planned to write only stories about business and personal development here on Medium but I felt compelled to write this brief note that “there are no guarantees in life” but you keep on going especially when you have a Vision for your life. I think I have gotten the cancer early and removed before it can affect the rest of my life. But the thoughts, the goals, the plans, the assumptions made about my life and vision for it have been knocked sideways. So, I hope someone gets value from these thoughts that life should be treasured every minute of the day!

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