Start a Project by what method

So you have the urge, the purpose, the call, the drive, the resolve (whatever you want to call it) to start to write. So what is your next step?

Is it:

  • to define the end goal -what will be the result of your writing?
  • create an outline of your writing because you have the story in your head and you want to put it down on paper?
  • to define the Arc of the writing – is it going to tell a story about a hero or heroine who overcomes obstacle. What is the hero’s story?
  • to define the theme of the writing – what do you want the reader to get from the story? If you simplified the story to a quote – would it be “love conquers all” or “you can overcome any obstacle” or? Define your story down to a theme and all your writing will work into that theme whether it is reflective of the theme or is a challenge to overcome by the hero.
  • brainstorming any ideas from your head onto paper filling it up with challenges, victories, plot ideas or even dialogue which might help in tweaking the outline of your story?

No matter what the process is you use, it is time to put down on paper or onto computer screen a “Brain dump” of ideas, dialogue, scenes, one line thoughts or what is the end result of you writing the story.

I have a story i started with some index cards writing out ideas for scenes, dialogue, character sketch which i move around to see if I can find the tension or excitement or “Arc” of the story that would keep the reader reading.

Your challenge if you wish to accept it, is to make your writing take your reader into a whole new world which may reflect this work or be other worldly but the reader becomes immersed and cares and wonders what is going to happen next with the characters in your story.

It isn’t a story, it is a whole other world that the reader becomes immersed.

Now, these aren’t just my ideas, of course, as there is a classic book you should read by Joseph Campbell called “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” where any and all writing is about the hero and his or her journey past challenges to get the end result.

Another great read is “The Writer’s Journey” by Christopher Vogler on the various story structures you can create to make a story enthrall or entertain your reader.

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