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Imagination Can Be A Curse for a Writer

Have you ever wondered why you can’t focus and get that book done?

There seems to be so much to do. The ideas can flow. All the directions that the storyline can go and create new scenes and develop the characters.

Which way will they go? It’s the excitement of the creation. The dance in your head of all the ideas can become overwhelming. Should that character be taking that action or would he take that action depending on what that other character will do? That is what is great about the writing process but also the curse!  Too many ways to go in a story when you first think about the idea.

Always start with the end in mind!

They say when creating  your goals in life, start with the outcome you want and work backwards. So maybe, it is worth starting with your outcome and work backwards for fiction too! Even just looking at the end, even if the end should change after you start developing the story, you will be able to see the journey of the characters clearer to get to that end.

For a Mystery story, for example, the reader would be upset if you didn’t resolve who is the murderer. The murderer can get away with the murder or escape clutches of the hero as long as we as the reader understand why the murderer did what he or she did.

The journey of discovery in the book of whether the hero finds out who is the murderer is the excitement of the chase even if the story is told all in one house like ” And Then There were None” by Agatha Christie.

Don’t let your imagination and creativity get you stuck wondering where you are going in your story.  You should figure out the end outcome of the story first and then see how your characters create your story knowing their motivations and how the story will develop to get to the final outcome!

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