Writing Process

close up shot of a person writing on notepad

What to Do in 2020

As the year comes to the end, it is a time for reflection on what I have achieved and not but why is it always an emphasis on what you haven’t done. 🙂 So, understand you are human and life has many distractions and challenges and celebrate what you have done! Then make a plan […]

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Start a Project by what method

So you have the urge, the purpose, the call, the drive, the resolve (whatever you want to call it) to start to write. So what is your next step? Is it: to define the end goal -what will be the result of your writing? create an outline of your writing because you have the story […]

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This is Scriven

Scriven is defined from Old French  “scrive” which is “to write.”  The action of writing ; the beauty of writing and the love of reading will be explored on this website.  Why?  As I like to say, “Why not!”.   A person should explore all things in their life they encounter because they are experiences […]

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