Want to write for a living?

Some people want to become freelance writers because they’re looking to escape a job they hate or they need to start a side hustle to bring in extra income. The problem is they dislike writing and find it a bit boring. It takes them hours to write even a few paragraphs. When it comes to […]

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Imagination Can Be A Curse for a Writer

Have you ever wondered why you can’t focus and get that book done? There seems to be so much to do. The ideas can flow. All the directions that the storyline can go and create new scenes and develop the characters. Which way will they go? It’s the excitement of the creation. The dance in […]

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Start a Project by what method

So you have the urge, the purpose, the call, the drive, the resolve (whatever you want to call it) to start to write. So what is your next step? Is it: to define the end goal -what will be the result of your writing? create an outline of your writing because you have the story […]

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To Start A Project

To Start a Project Have you had this “itch” or restlessness in your body that you NEED to write. You need to create? You have an idea one day and then it comes back to you again and again. You ask yourself “should I try writing about it.” You ask yourself “will the idea work?” […]

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Music is your soul

As a writer, if you don’t know about www.medium.com, you are missing out on an opportunity for you and also some great stories about life and love and mind. I get the daily digest from Medium. There is always some thoughtful story on it everday to read. This is a wonderful story below about how […]

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Change in Focus

I think I need to define what this blog is about before I can start writing. I know that you don’t want to read about my challenges while starting a business. I expect you would like to know about the challenge and then how to solve it! Anyway, I will be getting on to talking […]

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Today was a somewhat productive day!

I should get WPEdit on this page so I can do blockquotes and change the text formatting.  Maybe later. Today was a day to work on my Business.  I had plenty of laundry, dust bunnies and garden weeds that should be plucked and done, however, I decided Sunday is not a day of rest for […]

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This is Scriven

Scriven is defined from Old French  “scrive” which is “to write.”  The action of writing ; the beauty of writing and the love of reading will be explored on this website.  Why?  As I like to say, “Why not!”.   A person should explore all things in their life they encounter because they are experiences […]

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